About Us

Hello, my name is Ken

Late one night I was sitting on the couch, laptop in my lap, scrolling through Facebook when my eyes stopped on an article. It was titled: ?How much do you know about CBD Oil??

At the time I didn?t know what exactly CBD Oil is. However, after reading further, I became enlightened to the benefits and knew that CBD was something I needed to learn about. As I clicked deeper and deeper into the article, I was shocked at the limited amount of information available, and my obsessive personality took over. I consumed that article, and then I read dozens more until I felt convinced this was utterly important.

As someone who suffers from some chronic health issues, I was very interested in trying out CBD for myself. After building up some courage to try it, my first shipment finally arrived and I have been taking it ever since.? I?ve noticed a huge improvement since using it and recommend it to anyone!

Pinch Of Herbal grew out of a curiosity for a better life concern, and now it?s a place I share everything I?ve learned to help people just like you. This isn?t a passive thing, or something I no longer care about. So you?ll see new content on here all the time, and I?d encourage you to come back and check that out.

Have a question about the website, or me, or CBD, or anything else? I?d love to hear from you!

I hope you get as much out of this website as I put into it.

Have a great day!